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Web Design, SEO, Website Management

At Team 218 Web Services, we help people with their websites. Located in North Liberty, Iowa we work with small business and nonprofit organizations all across the Midwest to solve their website problems.

We’re knowledgable, experienced, ethical and customer focused. Nothing brings us more satisfaction that a satisfied customer!

With 20+ years of experience we have the knowledge and expertise to handle any website project. We know what works and what to avoid. We offer all-inclusive packages for Web Design, Hosting, Internet Marketing and SEO, as well as complete Website Management for small business and nonprofits. Call Team 218 today at 319-333-0815. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. You might also be interested in our free Zoom Meeting to discuss your needs in more detail. There’s never a charge to discuss your needs or answer your questions.

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Web Design • SEO • Website Management

WordPress Experts

Team 218 WordPressWe love WordPress as a development platform.

Rock solid and reliable; WordPress is the engine behind 40% of all websites on the internet.

This large user base ensures this platform isn’t going anywhere. It is expandable and customizable. The popularity of WordPress ensures immediate resolution of any security issues. We use WordPress exclusively for our website projects.

Responsive Website Design

Team 218 Responsive Web DesignWe love Laptops, Tablets, Phones & Wearables too but it’s not practical to design a different web page for each of these different devices.

We use media queries and responsive design elements to make sure your website looks great on all these different devices? This bit of code determines the screen size of the device reading the page and adjusts the layout to match.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Team 218 Social Media MarketingWe believe in making the most of your Social Media opportunities.

Social Media Marketing has been around for a long time. We used to call it word of mouth advertising. Now instead of 1 person telling another it can be 1 person telling tens, or even hundreds of thousands of people!

Webmaster / Website Management Services

Team 218 website Management

It can be overwhelming to manage a website. Software updates, themes, plugins, even core files are updated all the time. If you don’t keep all of these pieces of your website current, you’re opening yourself up to security vulnerabilities. Not to mention backups, content updates and constantly monitoring your site for new issues.

We can take over the management of your website and you can relax. We monitor your website 24/7 and keep your site running in tip-top shape. Get in touch today and see how easy and affordable it can be when Team 218 manages your website.