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Did you know that More than 2.4 billion people use the internet every day? 90% of those have purchased something, or contacted a company online in the last 12 months! Will they find you?

Regardless of the type of site you have, SEO needs to be a part of it if you want to attract more visitors. We have the technical knowledge to effectively incorporate SEO into your website. If you’d like us to review your site and give you our thoughts on how you could improve, use our  Free Website Audit Form and we’ll take it from there.

Search Engine Optimization is a pretty complex topic. Organic SEO is the process and techniques used to obtain a natural placement on organic search engine results pages. There are a few variants to SEO – Organic or on-page SEO, Local SEO, PPC to name a few. Your organic SEO efforts should target your focus keyword or keyword phrase, long tail keywords, meta title, meta description, title tage, anchor text, content, and overall user experience. You need to understand your potential audience’s search intent. When you build your webpage try to structure it so you are answering a question or solving a problem for your user. Provide quality information and make sure that information is accurate and factual. Take full advantage of the tools Google provides to analyze and test your web pages. Google Search Concole and Google Analytics are must haves and the industry standards for SEO. Remember Google loves Google so the more you make use of their products the better.

On this page we’re going to explore some Search Engine Optimization basics, some SEO tactics, and their role in your website & marketing efforts. We’ll also touch on how web design affects SEO. (yes, it does!)

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO Is The Foundation Of A Successful Website

Organic SEO is also known as On-Page SEO. It is made up of various techniques applied to a website to enable search engines to discover the site, determine what the site is about, and judge the importance of the site among its’ competitors.

SEO Can Be Confusing

SEO is probably the most misunderstood and confusing aspect of web development. That’s why is especially important to utilize SEO best practices in your SEO efforts .

Search Engine OptimizationSearch engines build an index of web pages much like a book is indexed. Just imagine trying to locate a specific word or phrase in a book without the aid of an index.

Same goes for the online world. You look in the index (in this case, Google, Bing or Yahoo) for a term or phrase and you’re presented with a list of web pages containing the items you searched for.

SEO techniques are used to try and get your web page closer to the top of the pile of pages presented as a result of a search (SERP).

People Are Impatient

Having your web page in the top 2 or 3 positions of the pile increases the chances of a visit to your website. People are impatient, and not inclined to look further than they have to.

That’s what this is all about. If your web page is on the 3rd or 4th page of the pile, the chances of getting much traffic on your website is slim.


If you bring up the term SEO with business owners, the usual reaction is a groan or a frown. They know it’s important but they also know it’s very confusing and involves a lot of work. SEO is a complex subject. To compound matters, there is so much misinformation about it.

You’ll find lots of people who claim to be “SEO experts” and promise to get your website ranked at the top of Google.

One of the common tactics targets recently registered websites. SEO “vultures” send an email to tell you they can make your website rank right up there at the top of the search rankings (for a tidy fee of course). You should be wary of anyone who makes promises like that – in fact, RUN.

All these things make for a whole lot of confusion and frustration so let’s cut through the fog.

Why is SEO so confusing?

Google, Bing, and Yahoo all use different algorithms to deliver their search results.

Not only are they different but they are evolving almost daily so it takes some effort to keep up with them. Google reportedly makes upwards of 2,000 updates to their algorithm every year.

Ranking Your Website Should Be Easy, Right?

You’d think it would be easy – create a website, publish it on the internet and you’re done. People will flock to it cause it’s a pretty great website, right? Wrong!

It’s tough to get a brand new website to show up in the search engines. We’ve seen new sites take as long as six months to begin ranking.

Where To Begin

SEO should be the foundation of any great website. It begins with thorough research of the client’s organization and a solid strategy for SEO.

Links remain a very important ranking factor. If you have links from quality websites then your site is likely an a quality site with authority on your topic. Link building is almost an art unto itself. Remember though that even the best network of links will fail if the links point back to an inferior web design so make sure your page is rock solid so other sites will want to link to it.

SEO should be one of the factors in the initial planning stages of a website. It’s a good idea to have your SEO strategy in place and incorporate it into the design of the website. It needs to be a core component of the website’s design. 

How Web Design Affects SEO

The design of your website and the UX (user experience) affect how your website visitors react to your website. If you have a design that is cluttered or a site that is difficult or confusing to navigate,  people will not stick around very long. This increases your bounce rate and Google’s algorithm factors that into your search ranking. Your goal should be a clean, uncluttered and easily readable design. Your visitors should be able to navigate your site simply and move from page to page easily. You want your most important content on each page positioned “Above The Fold” where it is readily visible without the user having to scroll the page. Your page structure and hierarchy should not be nested too deeply. Ideally you want your most important pages to be reached with 2 clicks.

Content – Content – Content

Content is still king. You can apply all the SEO techniques you like to get people to visit your website. But once they show up on your site, there had better be some quality content to keep them there or they’ll bounce quickly. Too many bounces and Google devalues your site and you certainly don’t need that.

Watch The SEO Video

Here is a great explainer video courtesy of Search Engine Land that is a great resource for understanding SEO concepts. It’s a quick 3 1/2 minute explanation of Search Engine Optimization and we Highly Recommend you watch it!

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