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Exploring Design

My first blog of 2015 was going to be about Website Trends. I had it recorded in my blog tracker spreadsheet.But while I was researching over Christmas break, something bothered me about doing one more post about the same. There were great reads on the subject already – but that wasnt quite it. I realized that I couldnt stop questioning Why? Why was that design used repeatedly- to the point of becoming a trend? Why did that stick? Each took me back to rethinking the basics of design. And why is that poor kitty in a gun?!kitten laying in a war ship gun barrelDesign can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, thats why its so complicated. -Paul RandPaul Rand (Aug 15, 1914- Nov 26, 1996) was best known for his corporate logo designs which include, just to name a few, IBM, UPS, ABC, and Steve Job’s NeXT. I dont know why the kittys in there! But this picture says so much about placement, color, shading, size, contrast, surprise, evocation, spatial relation, and content. And design uses all of these to carry a desired message to a potential audience. Simple right? I love the way Paul Rand used the simplicity of design to explain its complexity!So I decided to go back to the basics. It has been years since any formal training so my quest for this new year is to review everything about design- starting with the very timeless basics. My first quick read this week was Picture This: How Pictures Work by Molly Bang. She uses Little Red Riding Hood to explain how images individual components evoke emotion and tell a story. And Im on my 3rd lesson of You Can Draw in 30 Days by Mark Kistler. The basics my friends! Im reading Little Red Riding Hood in pictures made from construction paper shapes and Im drawing circles. Lots of circles. Watch for updates – maybe even a drawing. Most likely a circle! Happy New Year!! 

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