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We’ll Make Your Website Your Best Employee!

A website is the best way to get your business noticed online. It’s also one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. But not just any website will do. You want something that looks good, functions well and helps you reach your goals. That’s where we come in! Team 218 Web Services can create a custom web design for your company using our tried-and-true process that has helped our clients get noticed online.

We are dedicated to providing quality customer service and creating websites that are both beautiful and functional so they help you meet your business objectives while staying within budget constraints. Contact us today for more information on how we can help make your website work hard for you!

We offer web design and SEO services. This means that we can create a beautiful, user-friendly website for you, and optimize it to rank in search engines like Google. Our web gurus are great at creating websites with the latest trends in mind, while our SEO knowledge ensures your site will be found on the internet!

Whether you’re just starting out, or are already established as an industry leader, we can help take your ideas and turn them into a beautiful, user-friendly website. We offer complimentary consultations in order to determine your needs and build you the perfect site tailored for success!

Customer Focused

At Team 218 Web Services our commitment to provide the absolute best customer service is at the forefront of everything we do.

We are proud of the relationships we’ve built with our customers and strive to be a valued partner to each of them. Nothing speaks to customer satisfaction louder than customer loyalty.


Whether you need a brand new website or already have a site and just need it freshened up, we can help. We have the experience and ability to build a website that fits you perfectly and doesn’t break your budget. We’ve been creating websites for over 20 years. You won’t find a better partner for your web design, SEO, or internet marketing needs than our web team. Get in touch today!


When you hire someone to work on your website, chances are they’ll need access to some confidential information about your business. Make sure you trust whoever you give that access to. We still believe in the old adage of there is no such thing as a minor lapse of integrity. We strive to always do the right thing and to never let a customer do something with their website that is not in their best interest.

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We Love Nonprofits

At Team 218 Web Services we do our best to help support charitable nonprofit organizations. Our web design team has had the privilege of working with a number of nonprofit groups over the years and are always impressed with their stories. We do our best to help nonprofit organizations have a custom website and we offer discounted pricing  for eligible nonprofit groups.

Once a year we donate a custom website or other web services to a worthy nonprofit organization. You can learn more about our donation process on the Team 218 Web Services Nonprofit Websites page. You can see some of our donated Nonprofit Websites here.

Put Our 20+ Years of Website Experience To Work For You!

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Responsive Web Design and Development

Our goal is to create professional, custom WordPress websites for our clients that function on a variety of devices. All of our web design projects incorporate responsive design technology. That functionality has been around for a while now and is an absolute necessity for any website built today. It's the technology that allows websites to operate on different devices and screen sizes.


SEO Services

Our SEO services go hand-in-hand with our web design and development services. Did you know that more than 2.4 billion people use the internet every day? 90% of those have purchased something or contacted a company online in the last 12 months! Will they find you? Are you on Google Maps or GMB (Google My Business). These are the two most important tools in Local SEO. We can help you maximize your benefit from these valuable SEO tools.

Web Designer Web Developer

Web Design and Development

The terms Website Designer and Website Developer get tossed around pretty freely. So what's the difference? Web designers typically design and style elements for the internet. Web developers build functionality and develop applications for the internet. Obviously that's a simplified description but you get the idea.

The line between the two is blurring. Our web team has the capability to function both as a Designer and a Developer and we think we do it pretty well. In fact, we think the dual functionality increases the cohesiveness of the overall design. You can read more detailed information on our Web Design page.

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Website Management

GMB | Local SEO

Repairing Broken Websites

We’re Here to Help With Your Website Project

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your business or nonprofit. If you have any questions concerning websites, Web Design, SEO, Internet Marketing, Website Management or any other website-related topic, we’ll do our best to guide you in the right direction.

Best of all, we’ll do it without any high pressure sales tactics or obligations. Our web team has been building and fixing websites for over 20 years. During that time we’ve seen a lot of websites and have learned a ton about web theory vs real world results. We test things for ourselves and rely on what works for us, not what some supposed expert says. Send us a note and let’s chat about your specific needs